How much do you charge?

Rates depend on many factors.  Size of air conditioner, type of window, and building requirements, to name a few.  The easiest thing to do is to contact us so that we can go over all the details and give you an accurate quote.

What areas do you cover?

We cover most of Brooklyn, and some parts of Manhattan and the outlining areas.  During peak season, we may not have availability in all areas.  Contact us with your zip code/area and we can give you the most up to date availability.

What hours do you work?  Can you come after I get home or on the weekend?

Our schedule is the definition of flexibility.  We will come whenever you need.  Mornings, days or evenings on weekdays or weekends.  All we ask is that you notify your building so that the staff will not be surprised to see us.

How can I pay and will I get a receipt?

We accept Cash, Credit, and Venmo.  All payment is due upon completion of the job.  And yes, we can provide a receipt.

Do you Install Split System/Ductless AC systems or Central Air?

Unfortunately we do not.  We specialize in window AC installations.

Do you service or repair existing AC units?

Unfortunately we do not.

Do you store and/or pick up AC units?

Unfortunately we do not.

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